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Prenatal visits

Prenatal Visits in Cincinnati & Hyde Park, OH

The ESD Pediatric Group feels that every parent should make an informed decision when choosing a doctor/practice in which to entrust their child’s health. We appreciate your interest in our practice. Many don’t realize that Cincinnati is one of the best cities in the entire country for high quality pediatric primary care. Many of our local pediatricians trained at UC or Cincinnati Children’s or both which are some of the top institutions for pediatric training and education in the entire country.

The differences between practices include location, access, technology, staff and style.

The ESD Pediatric Group is happy to offer individual prenatal visits at no charge. Prenatal visits can be helpful in determining if our group is a good fit for your family. Prenatal visits are scheduled appointments. We recommend that these appointments are scheduled towards the middle of pregnancy so that adequate time and convenient timing for the visit is easy to achieve.

Some of these visits are done in person in the office while they are also done via telemedicine.

Prenatal visits offer an opportunity to meet one on one with an ESD physician and learn about our practice and our unique style of care. You will have the opportunity to ask specific questions about the practice or more general questions about what happens when the baby arrives and what a typical care plan looks like. While prenatal visits are not required, many first time parents find them helpful in making the decision on what practice to choose.

Call ESD Pediatric Group in Cincinnati & ;Hyde Park, OH today at (513) 248-1210 to schedule a free prenatal visit with our experienced pediatricians. 

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