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Same-Day Visits

Same-Day Visits in Cincinnati & Hyde Park, OH

ESD Pediatric Group offers same day acute visits every day that we are open. All patients whom are sick or injured can be worked into the schedule the same day if necessary.  Because we work as a group, we have flexibility to make sure that we can see our patients when needed and avoid costly urgent care or Emergency Room visits.  This visits can be requested via phone or patient portal.

Same-Day Acute Visits: Explained

When your little ones aren't feeling their best, same-day visits can be a lifesaver. Has your child woke up with a high fever and a persistent cough? You're worried, and understandably so. These appointments offer the convenience of immediate medical attention without the hassle of waiting. They're helpful for children because kids' health can change rapidly. Those sudden earaches, rashes, or tummy troubles need prompt evaluation.

Other situations that call for a pediatrician are if your child can't keep fluids down due to frequent vomiting or experiencing continuous bouts of diarrhea to prevent dehydration, wheezing, struggling to catch their breath, or their lips turn bluish to rule out respiratory issues, or has an earache causing them intense pain and discomfort.

Schedule that same-day visit if your child has issues breathing, a temperature above 102°F, persistent vomiting, or a severe sore throat. With our pediatrician just a phone call away, this can make a difference in your child's comfort and well-being.

Benefits of Same-Day Visits

Discover the advantages of same-day visits for your child. When they wake up with a fever or a persistent cough, the convenience of same-day appointments ensures timely care, promoting their comfort and recovery. Imagine avoiding the hassle of waiting for days or rushing to overcrowded emergency rooms. Consult our pediatric team for peace of mind and to discuss concerns about that mysterious rash or sudden earache. Whether it's a weekend, holiday, or busy weekday, these appointments cater to your schedule, making it easier to prioritize your child's health. Also, contact our pediatrician when symptoms like high fever, breathing difficulties, or severe pain arise. Embrace the stress-free solution of same-day visits in Cincinnati & Hyde Park, OH providing efficient, personalized care for your precious ones.

Call ESD Pediatric Group in Cincinnati & Hyde Park, OH today at (513) 248-1210 to learn more about same-day visits with our pediatricians!


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